Go/NO GO Field Titration

By Rick Da Tech


When your out scouting for oil sources, it is best to test the oil before talking the source. That way you don't spend time acquiring a fantastic oil so test for water. You can reduce the number of samples you take you with a simple field titration test. You decide the highest titration number you want to collect, then build a GO/NOGO test around that number.

To get started you will need to find some one ounce bottles or vials and some phenol red indicating dye. You will also need some Isopropyl Alcohol, and your titration solution of lye water.



To set up the test:

  • Add 10ml of isopropyl alcohol to your vial or bottle
  • Add four drops of phenol red
  • Blank using your standard titration lye water
  • Add "x" ml of your standard titration lye water with "x" being the number of milliters you wish to be the maximum titration number you will accept
  • Cap the bottle or vial securely

When at the restaurant add one milliliter of oil, shake, and read the results.

GO/NOGO Field Titration Test Results

The test will stay fresh and accurate for several days.


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