Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels

By Rick Da Tech


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Title: Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels
Authors: Jon Starbuck, Gavin Harper
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Nov 2008
Paperback: 248 pages
Rating: 5 thumbs up out of five

As I read this book I am pleasently supprised. I am reminded of the original Josh Tickell 'From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank', only it is more complete and up to date. Most Biodiesel books spend over half the book talking about peak oil and trying to sell you on using biodiesel. This book spends less than a quarter of the book looking at the non-technical.

The book focuses mostly on the details of how to make biodiesel. There are chapters on how to collect oil, how to build the equipment to process it, and how to process oil into biodiesel.

Inside, you'll find step-by-step instructions accompanied by helpful illustrations for such projects as building and properly using a homemade biodiesel reactor, which enables you to drive you car on vegetable oil purchased at a fraction of the price of gas or even on second-hand oil obtained from restaurants free of charge. Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels also includes a list of international parts suppliers and various manufacturers' warranty statuses regarding vehicles converted to biodiesel.

This is a great book for beginners. If you only want to purchase one book on how to make biodiesel, this would be it.

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