JoggerFogger's Appleseed GL1

By Rick Da Tech


Kevin in Portland OR started with a plan to incorporate as much of Graham Laming's ideas as possible into his processor. He started with a modified diagram of the GL processor: He even named it GLADYS. It's short for GLUSDASJ - Graham Laming Upside Down Apple Seed Jet.

GL plan

 He was able to get a free shed to build his Upside Down Appleseed GL1 "Re-Dome" Processor.

The future Bioshed


Once he aquired a water heater, he cut the bottom off, flipped it over and welded a coupling in the dome for a vent.

This is a 50 gallon water heater with room for 120 Liter batches. It came with a low watt density 4500 water heater element.  The shed has 30 amp 220V power to it

He custom built all steel plumbing for his GLADYS.

Next came the condenser. 

Next he built a stand for GLADYS

Then the final assembly

For mixing methoxide Kevin secured a 15 gallon cone bottom tank from Craig's list. He is using air bubbled up from the bottom to mix his KOH methoxide. The tube coming in from the left is his air supply.

mixing methoxide with air


He uses hardwood chips in a soda keg for soap removal.

 wood chip filter soda keg


His basic process is:

1. Filter to 400 micron to holding tank.
2. Dewater at 95-100 C for 8-10 hours.
3. Cool to 50 C and titrate, inject, react for 1 hr.
4. Demeth at 60-65 C for 8-10 hours.
5. Settle for 30 min and drain glycerin x2
6. Pump biodiesel into settling tank. wait 7 days.
7. Gravity filter through wood chips until soap is under 200 ppm.
8. pump to filling station.
9. Enjoy.

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