Chuck's Appleseed

By Rick Da Tech


 Chuck started his biofuel exerience just filtering his WVO and running it as is. After a clogged injector, he moved on to Biodiesel. He makes his biodiesel in his barn.



WVO arrives at the refinery in cubies and are poured into the WVO settling tanks below. Course filters are attached to the bottom of the funnels. Chuck's preference is for panty hose filters. Then time and gravity take care of the rest.  The settling tanks are plumbed from the bottom with two drains at unequal heights which lets him drain the clean fuel while leaving the dreggs in the bottom. 

wvo settling tank


Chuck uses the typical Appleseed to make his biodiesel in 90 liter batches.







Chuck uses a continuous mist wash tank to clean his biodiesel.




He uses a spray nozzle mounted in the top drum to dry the biodiesel. 



 Chuck built a still to separate the methanol from the glycerin so the glycerin can be safely composted.




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